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Three Words Readers Fear…

I’m about to type the three most feared words in a book lover’s life…. Book. Buying. Ban.


The other day I was looking at my bookshelf and realised that I have a few books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet, and by a few books I mean 80+, that’s right, I have 80+ books on my shelf that I haven’t read.


I used to buy a book and then read it, then next minute I have 80+ books to be read! I blame this amazing bookish community and their constant recommendations of books for this.

That being said I probably should have some kind of self control…. or nah, I’ll just blame someone else for this!

So reluctantly I have placed myself on a book buying ban for at least a month. That means no more buying books, but with that said I still have a few books on pre-order and still have some coming in the mail, that will arrive soon, so that might help me with not wanting to buy books.

I also had the thought that since I have so many books on my TBR I might start sharing them with you all in a weekly blog post. Once a week I will share a book off my shelf with you all! So at least that will be something to look forward too during the week. It might also help me start writing regularly.

So brace for TBR Thursday, starting next week I will start sharing my TBR shelves with you all.

This is going to be fun.

Happy reading everyone!


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