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World War Z By Max Brooks

“The monsters that rose from the dead, they are nothing compared to the ones we carry in our hearts”

I have had this book on my shelf for years, it was given to me by a friend when the movie came out in 2013 and for all those years I have looked at it promising that I would get to it.

Finally in 2017, 4 years later, I fulfilled that promise and read it!

Now since this book had been sitting on my shelf for so long I knew what it was about and that it was set up in an interview format, I also knew that the book was totally different from the movie, but we won’t be getting into the difference between the book and movie, that’s for another time.

The interviews are intense sometimes, with so much human emotions that even though I knew this book was made up and that these people weren’t real I still found myself emotional attached to some and even crying when one passed away. If you follow me on good reads you would have seen my post when this happened.

Due to the high emotions and sometimes graphic content I would give a wary warning for sensitive readers, because I myself had trouble reading certain interviews, but even then these were expected and rare.

As I read I was enjoying the story and the format, but it was taking me so long and I was struggling to get through it, so I decided to swap over to the audiobook and see if that made a difference. Now I would recommend anyone thinking of reading this book to give the audiobook a try.

There was a full cast of narrators and although some accents did sound alike, it was much easier for me to get through all the military talk that I believe was slowing my reading down. With that said every interview was different and told a different story from different people’s perspective during the zombie outbreak which really showed how people can work together or just watch the world burn around them.

Rating: 3 Stars- I liked it

I think anyone who is a fan of zombie movies or books should give this book a try. It shows another perspective of how a zombie apocalypse would go down if it happened today, as well gives you a break from the normal reading style.

Although I liked this book I don’t believe it is one I would reread anytime soon, so back on the shelf it shall go until I decide to part with it or borrow it out to a friend.

Happy reading everyone!


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