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Romeo And/Or Juliet By Ryan North

Growing up I used to love choose your own adventure books, so when I found Romeo and/or Juliet and realised it was a choose your own adventure I had to get it.

Now I had a bit of a love hate relationship with the original Romeo and Juliet after studying it in High school, but I put those feelings aside after reading the synopsis.

The synopsis was witty, amusing and just like the stories inside the book, so different from other retellings I have read.

So you might be asking what are the differences to the story?

Well there are a total of 100 (or so, I had to count them all!) different endings, each one going completely off the spectrum of normal and changing the story to make you view the characters differently than two silly teenagers.

These ending can include robots, ninjas and Juliet becoming a wrestler, each story with a good twist of humour to keep you entertained. But for those who would like to read the original before adventuring into the madness that is these choose your own stories, well don’t worry because Ryan North has you covered. At the beginning of the book you are given the instruction that if you would like to read the original to follow the hearts and they will keep you on the true path, but where is the fun of that?

Included at each ending is an illustration showing the creative ways the stories end, these are done by a collection of 90 talented artists including Noelle Stevenson who I love! One of the other reasons I picked up this book was because the cover art style looked familiar to me, and behold it was because it was done by Noelle.

A wide variety of art styles are used, with all of them sticking to the back, white and red colour schemes that is used throughout the book. All of the artiest did a great job and I’m always happy to just flip though the pages and look at the artwork in the pages.

Rating- 4 Stars- Really good, I would recommend reading it

A super fun read that will have you coming back again and again and always end up somewhere different, I have already recommended this book to a few of my friends and If you are looking for a good twist on the Romeo & Juliet story, I would suggest picking this book up and giving it a try.

Happy reading everyone!


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