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Saga Vol. 1- Comic Review

“When a man carries an instrument of violence, he’ll always find the justification to use it. If we really want to escape this war, we have to stop bringing it with us.”

I had seen a lot of people reading and loving the Saga series and with pressure from one of my best friends I decided to give the series ago. So when I was at Supanova in April and saw they had a copy of volume 1 & 2 left I decided now was the time and finally got them.

After reading the first volume all I wanted to do was pick up the second one and continue with the story because I AM LOVING IT!

It’s hard to judge what a series will be and what will happen from just the first volume but from the plot I have gotten so far and the characters I have been introduced to I am eager to get into the next volume and all the ones after that to see where this story is heading.

Brian has done a phenomenal job with the characters. They are all so different and have such different personalities that I found myself immediately attached to certain characters and wanted nothing but the best for them.

With this being a fantasy/ science fiction comic you expect the art to be creative with unique designs, and that is exactly what you get. The characters designs are well done with none looking exactly alike. The colour schemes for each scene are perfect giving you the mood as well as adding to the effect of the story plot.

A small warning that this comic does contain small amounts of gore, nudity, as well as some colourful language, so I would not recommend this comic for younger readers, but otherwise I would recommend any fantasy lover to give the first volume a try and see how they enjoy it.

If you are like me you will want nothing more than to pick up the next volume and continue with the story as soon as you finish volume 1.

Rating: 4 Stars- Really good, I would recommend reading it.

Like I said I really enjoyed the first volume and am looking forward to catching up on the rest ASAP to see what will happen next.

Happy reading everyone!


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