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Resurrection By Derek Landy

 “Skeleton adventures are different. There’s more room for puns.”

I started reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series back in 2007 when I was 14. I fell in love with the series and followed its releases religiously every year until 2014, when the series came to an end and I went through a major reading slump, seriously I didn’t read another book for 3 months… 3 MONTHS!

So when I heard the announcement that Derek was going to be restarting the series again, I was so excited. Thus started the 11 month wait for the release.  And man was the wait worth it!

With this being the 11th book in the series it is hard to talk about without giving away spoilers but I will try my best to just fangirl without giving away details. I might do another review at some point with me going into more detail of the plot.

Derek Landy has managed to write a book that’s the same as the rest of the series but with changes that, not only add to the story, but show just how much he has excelled as a writer. Putting it another way, he has managed to change the series while keeping it the same. (It is so hard to explain!)

Resurrection is full of action and comedy, with constant twist and turns, just like any good mystery book should have.

The characters are all different and are so interesting that you don’t know if you should love them or hate them, so you end up doing what I did, loving them until they hurt you and then you class them as a villain.

With this being a restarting of the series we do get a fair few of our old favourite characters back like Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery Pleasant and China Sorrows. We also get mentions of other original characters which made me very happy, but along with the old we get the new.  There are many new characters but the main one I want to talk about is Omen Darkly.

When I found out there was going to be a new character hanging out with Valkyrie and Skulduggery, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after reading the book and finding out him and learned his personality, I rather like him and am looking forward to seeing what trouble he gets into as the series goes on.

Getting back to the original crew I just want to mention one more thing… if Valkyrie and Skulduggery could just stop being so perfect together that would be just great! My emotions could not take some points in this book and I will be totally honest when I say I cried a fair few times, I cried and felt my heart break.

Which is to be expected when reading a book by Derek Landy.

The writing was creative and clever with its descriptions of certain places and locations, with the whole book taking place (mostly) in a made up location it was easy to get lost in the book without thinking about whether this location actually exists (this is something I do a lot).

All I can say is this series could do no wrong (I am a huge Skulduggery Pleasant fan so this is just a given),  and to me this was a well written book and one that kept this fan happy and content with how the story progressed.

Rating: 5/5 stars- Amazing! I loved it!

I loved Resurrection and am so excited to continue with this series, if you haven’t read the Skulduggery Pleasant series I am always going to recommend it, especially if you love fantasy, comedy and action.

Now if you please excuse me I’m going to listen to Heroes by David Bowie until my heart heals from this book!

Happy reading everyone!


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