ACOWAR YA Chronicles Unboxing

When the team at The YA Chronicles said they were thinking about putting together an A Court of Wings and Ruin I was already on board, so when they finally released the boxes to pre-order I was online in seconds to order my box.

I was so excited for this box that I was camped at my window waiting for the mail man to arrive so I could go and pick it up from the post office. I will be totally honest with you all when I going through the items in the box I did squeal, if you watched my live unboxing on Instagram then you will know exactly how much I fangirled.

So let’s get into the unboxing! We have a lot of items to get through.

The first thing I want to mention is that this box was much bigger than the normal YA Chronicles so I knew there was going to be a lot of goodies in this box.

When I opened the box and was welcomed by some beautiful lime green paper wrapping the items folded beautifully.


Like normal we have the card telling us what is included in the box as well as a YA Chronicles Bookmark with the theme, which is of course ACOWAR. The design they chose for this box is a dark green background with the cover image of Feyre from ACOWAR. I love the green colour they chose and they can’t go wrong with the image.


The first item in the box was an extra large pin created by Eviebookish.

This pin is beautiful! I have bought many items from Eviebookish before and love her designs, she is just so creative. With the phrase One Life May Change the World on a background of small mountains and thorns how can you not love it!

At the moment the badge is on display on my bookshelf because I have no idea where I would pin it to, so I’m thinking that is where it will stay.


The next item is an absolutely adorable baby Rhysand sticker designed by Taratjah.

Look how damn adorable this thing is! How could you not love it? HIS HUGGING A TINY KITTEN!!!

…sorry about that… it’s just so damn cute!

I have actually seen her artwork online before and she is so talented, I love her works and just dropping a hint, I love her Manon Blackbeak artwork it’s probably one of my favourites. You can see that here.

I have no idea where I’m going to use this sticker but I will be thinking very hard before I make my final decision.


The next item is a beautiful custom bookmark made by the talented Readandwonder.

I love their designs and have many bookmarks from them and to have a custom ACOWAR book mark like this one is amazing!IMG_0120

I love the design and I will be honest, I haven’t taken it out of the plastic yet because it’s just so beautiful I don’t want it to get wrecked in anyway.

The next item we received was another custom item, this time it is a candle created by KoolandCO.

I have heard so many good reviews about the candles they create and have been dying to order some myself, all I can say is when I get paid next I will be ordering some candles from they because Oh My Gosh! It smells amazing!

The candle is called High Lady of the Night Court and has the mix scents of rain, tulips, vanilla and green leaves. It smells amazing and I have it open on my bedside table so I can smell it when I’m in bed.


The next item is a beautiful ribbon bookmark created by Charmedfiction.

This is the first ribbon bookmark I have ever had, I was never too sure about them, hence why I never bought one, but this is a beautiful design and it has made me decided to give them a try.

One end of the ribbon has a pair of wings with roses at the base and the other end had a small star, it is a beautiful design and I currently have it on display on my shelf with it sitting on top of my ACOWAR hard cover with the wings hanging over the top.

The next item is a tote bag designed by PaperlyandCO.

I have been using this tote bag as soon as I got it, I went to Melbourne a few days after getting it and used it to hold a few books I got and a really sweet girl looked at it then me and said “ I love your Night Court bag”, it just made my day to find another fan in the wild!

The bag has the symbol of the Night Court with the words To The Stars Who Listen, And The Dreams That Are Answered on the outside of the circle. It is a simple but beautiful design.


The next item in the box is a print by the amazingly talented Charlie Bowater.

When I heard there was going to be an item from Charlie I lost it, I have been following her art for ages and love every piece she releases, but especially her ACOTAR series fanart.

So when I saw the print we received I lost it! This image has been the background on my phone for ages and I was so happy to have a print to be able to display my babies in all their glory!


Last but not least we have the book, now as it is the ACOWAR box we all knew the book we were receiving. But when ordering the box you had three different options, you could get just the paperback, just the hardcover or you could get both included in the box. I myself just got the Hardcover to add to my collection.IMG_0131

Now normally I would put the synopsis here but to avoid spoilers for any one I will not be putting it up here. If you would like to read the synopsis you can find it here.

That finishes the special edition ACOWAR unboxing, I loved this box and at this moment refuse to choose a favourite item because I love them all way too much!

If you would like to check The YA Chronicles out for yourself, you can find their website here or to check out some of their amazing photos, as well as sneak peeks to their next box you can see that on their Instagram here.

Happy reading everyone!


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