April YA Chronicles Unboxing

The team at YA Chronicles have done a very good job of having me singing the last few boxes and this isn’t an exception, with the theme of the April box being Bippity, Boppity Books how do they expect me not to sing the song from Cinderella every time I think of it? It’s just too tempting!


Before I get into this unboxing I would like to mention that I have started doing live unboxings on my Instagram, so if you would like to join one of these you can see my instagram here.

Well, let’s not waste anymore time, let’s get into this unboxing!

As I mentioned before the theme for the April box is Bippity, Boppity Books and with a theme like that I was not sure what to expect, I had a feeling there would be something Cinderella themed in the box which I was totally correct about. No spoilers yet!

I opened the box and was welcomed by a lovely red paper wrapping the items and keeping them all together and safe.


Like normal we have the card telling us what is included in the box as well as a YA Chronicles Bookmark with Box Volume and the theme. This month the design is red based covered in the 2 of Hearts like on a playing card. I believe this has something to do with the book that is included, which I will get to later.


The first item in the box was a set of magnetic bookmarks from the amazing ReadandWonder.

When I first saw the characters I wasn’t sure who they were but after referring to the Item card I found out they were characters from A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy. I haven’t read this trilogy yet but I love the look of the characters and am excited to read the series and figure out who these characters are.


The next item in the box had me so excited I was shaking it and making weird noises (if you saw my live unboxing you know exactly how I was). The item is an admittance ticket to The Night Circus created by Redgoldsparkspress. I love this item so much that it’s sitting on display on my bookshelf right next to my copy of The Night Circus, the quality is amazing and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.


The next item is a Niffler keychain and even thought I haven’t watched the Fantastic Beasts movie yet I think it is just so damn cute! I have heard so many good things about the movie so it’s defiantly on my to-watch list.


The next item is a Harry potter inspired note book, each box had a random selection of 6 different covers. These were Magical Thinking, Potions, Advance Spells, Divination, Magical Creatures and Dark Forces, I myself received Divination. I have seen the other covers and I must say they are all amazing. These were created by Literaryemporium who I will defiantly be checking out to see their other deigns.


The next item was a Cinderella print designed by Loliefreta. I love this design the rainbow of colours and the silhouette of Cinderella and the Fairy godmother, it all looks so beautiful and I will be defiantly checking out the store to see the other designs they have.


Last but not least it the book of the month!

This month we have been given The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil and all I can say is I love the cover of this book! It looks so amazing and after reading the synopsis I am excited to get into this new contemporary book.

Along with the book we were given a card with the cover of the book on one side and the 2 of hearts on the other. This is a really cute inclusion to the box and i will defiantly be using it as a book mark while I read the book.


Synopsis- Goodreads

A captivating novel about two extraordinary teens, and the unsolvable problem of life after high school.

Sophia is smart, like genius-calculator-brain smart. But there are some things no amount of genius can prepare you for, and the messiness of real life is one of them. When everything she knows is falling apart, how can she crack the puzzle of what to do with her life?

Joshua spends his time honing magic tricks and planning how to win Sophia’s heart. But when your best trick is making schoolwork disappear, how do you possibly romance a genius?

In life and love, timing is everything.

There you have it, the April YA Chronicles unboxing, I loved this month’s box and if I had to choose my favourite item it would have to be The Night Circus ticket, I just love it so much!

I am really excited for the May box themed I See Fire and I plan on singing I See Fire by Ed Sheeran for the rest of the month until I get  the box in my hands!

If you would like to check The YA Chronicles out for yourself, you can find their website here or to check out some of their amazing photos, as well as sneak peeks to their next box you can see that on their Instagram here.

Checkout the other amazing stores and I will be back in May for my next unboxing.

Happy reading everyone!


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