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Paper Girls Vol. 1- Comic Review

“I started, like, reliving my past. It was hell. Most of it was just me playing the same dumb game. I didn’t even think I liked it that much, but now I realized I…I basically wasted my entire existence.”

I have had a friend begging me to start this series for ages, so last time I was in Melbourne he took me to a comic shop and begged me (again) to get it and read it.

So because I’ m a great friend, and he has a talent for making me feel guilty, I bought the first volume. He then warned me that I should buy at least the second volume as well because I will want to get into the next one as soon as I finish the first, and like the fool I am I said it would be fine.

Damn I wish I bought the second volume of this comic!

Paper Girls is about four 12 year old paper girls who during the early hours after Halloween stumble across a mystery that will change their worlds.

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this comic, I knew it was set in 1988 and was science fiction, but still I had no idea what was happening going in.

I enjoyed the characters, although you don’t get too much time with them in just one volume, but it has given me enough to want to keep reading and see what will happen to the girls throughout the rest of the series.

let’s talk about the art because Woah, I loved the art style and the colour pallet that is used.  As a story that is set during the early hours of the morning the pallet can make all the difference and it does. The colours all have a bluish tinge to them that give the illusion of morning being just over the horizon and some of the scenes are stunning!

I enjoyed the first Volume and will defiantly be getting the next volume as soon as possible, because I need to know what is happening and where this whole thing is heading. If anything I’m hoping the world will expand in the next few volumes and thing will fall into place quickly, I have a thing with stories taking forever to explain themselves.

But I am very intrigued!

Rating 3.5

Happy reading everyone!


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