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Death Bringer By Derek Landy (Mini Review)

Warning!! – This review contains spoilers for Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer by Derek Landy.

Kicking Evil Very Hard In The Face

Death Bringer is the sixth book in the Skulduggery pleasant series and I will tell you this might be one of my favourite books in the series. The book is full of interesting scenes, information and the humour, like normal, is on point the whole book.

As Death Bringer focuses on the Necromancers it is full of brand new necromancers as well as catching up with the old sassy team, including my favourite sassy necromancer Solomon Wreath.

The main villain in Death Bringer is The Death Bringer herself Melancholia St. Clair, reading her view point on things is very interesting and gave me a huge background into the Necromancer life and the temples. It was so great finally being able to go into that part of the Skulduggery Pleasant world.

The Fight scenes are top notch, just like the other books, I mean when there is a fight scene between Darquesse and Lord Vile you know you’re in for an amazing fight.

There is only one thing that made this book better and that is, after a lot of mentioning him, we finally get to meet Dexter Vex. Dexter is one of the Dead men and has been mentioned over the last couple of books, we finally got to meet him and I got a full on reminder of why I love him so much.

He is funny, a smart ass and from his description, a very attractive man. This is just the start of his inclusion in the series and I am so excited to see more of him in the books to come.

There are just so many things that made Death Bringer awesome and I know it will just get better.

Book Synopsis

The sixth installment in the historic, hysterical and horrific Skulduggery Pleasant series. Think you’ve seen anything yet? You haven’t. Because the Death Bringer is about to rise…

The Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that’s a good thing.

There’s just one catch. There’s a reason the Necromancers don’t need her any more. And that’s because they’ve found their Death Bringer already, the person who will dissolve the doors between life and death.

And that’s a very, very bad thing…

If you would like a full plot summary I would recommend this one. It tells you everything you need to know if you don’t have time to re-read the book.

Favourite Scenes

There are so many great scenes in Death Bringer, with the main focus of the book being the Necromancers it is full of information and scenes with the Necromancer being super sassy! There are a couple of scenes I wanted to share that just made me laugh so hard or I found super interesting.

The first scene I want to talk about is from Chapter 26.

In this chapter Skulduggery and Valkyrie leave the siege on the Necromancer temple to go to the airport and stop the assisting necromancer forces from getting to the temple to assist them.

Once they get to the airport they run into Bison Dragonclaw (a necromancer black ops agent) and arrest him on the spot taking him to the restroom to question him. On the way Skulduggery and Valkyrie tease him as they drag him along trying to look inconspicuously. It’s at this moment we get this funny conversation between the three of them.

“You’ll regret standing against us. I’ll make you regret it.”

“You’re in a bad mood,” Skulduggery said. “I understand. I do. You’re saying things you don’t mean.  It’s OK.”

“I’ll kill you both.”

“Hurtful things said in the heat of the moment. We’re not going to hold it against you, Bison. We’re all friends here.”

Valkyrie nodded. “We love you, Bison.”

“We do,” Skulduggery agreed. “You’re our favourite Necromancer. You’re the cuddly one.”

“Shut up,” Dragonclaw said. “Both of you just shut up.”

After this Skulduggery and Valkyrie question Bison in the restroom before Skulduggery tells Valkyrie to go and stop the Necromancers from getting out of the airport and getting to the Temple.

To this Valkyrie says

“How am I supposed to get by the security section? I don’t have a ticket.”

Skulduggery cocked his head. “Valkyrie, you’ve got magical powers. If you cont get through airport security, then I have failed in whatever capacity I have as a mentor.”

This is where this becomes my favourite scene. Valkyrie has to get through an airport without getting stopped by any security or police.

To do this she uses her magic subtly and it is amazing! I find it so interesting to see what she does and how she manages to get through security.  I loved it.

It all ends with Valkyrie stopping the necromancers by getting them arrested by the police thinking they are part of a violent cult.

The reason I love this scene is because it actually shows Valkyrie and Skulduggery being detectives in public, not amongst other sorcerers but mortals. They have to stop what is happening but be subtle about it and they do it amazingly. It’s a rare scene to see but when it happens it is done so well.

The next scene I wanted to talk about is from Chapter 27.

Valkyrie and Skulduggery force Bison to tell them how to get into the Necromancer temple using the secret access tunnel.

once they get the information Skulduggery punches Bison giving Valkyrie a shock, as she was not expecting Skul to punch Bison in the face which starts the conversation leading to one of my favourite quotes in the book.

“…we should have another code for when you’re about to hit someone.”

“Very well. How about the sparrow flies south for winter?”


“What’s wrong with it? It’s a classic.”

“And how would you work that into the conversation?”

“With my usual Aplomb.”

Now this isn’t even the favourite scene, the scene continues with Skulduggery and Valkyrie getting into the temple and finding some old necromancer robes they wear to infiltrate the temple.

As they are getting ready Skulduggery asks Valkyrie how they should proceed to which Valkyrie responds with…

“If anyone stops us, as long as we mumble something pretentious about the glory of death, we should be fine.”

This is where the scene gets funny, as Skulduggery and Valkyrie are walking the halls of the temple hiding under their hood they are stopped by another necromancer asking where they are going and what they are doing. This is my favourite thing in the world Skulduggery begins to, as instructed by Valkyrie, starts spouting some pretentious talk about death. And it is hilarious!

“Uh,” Skulduggery said, “The stream if death carries us where it may.”

“That may be true,” Oblivious said curtly, “but we are still bound by the oaths we swore. Or have you forgotten them?”

Skulduggery shook his head beneath his hood. “My duty us to death, but death’s duty is to itself. As of life, as of death, as of the stream between…”

Oblivious frowned. “What?”

“In the stream of life, we are but paddlers.”

“I’m not sure I… who are you? Let me see your face.”

Skulduggery looked round, made sure no one else was coming “The sparrow flies south for winter,” he said and punched Oblivious right in the chin. He looked up at Valkyrie as he dragged the unconscious necromancer into the nearest room. “See? It’s a perfect code.”

When I read this scene I was actually cackling,  I was laughing so hard.  Reading Skulduggery talking about death and being pretentious was the highlight of my month. It will still flash into my head and make me laugh.

There are many more scenes I love from this book, it was so hard to pick out just a couple, but I somehow managed to choose a few.

Favourite Quotes

Look at the face I don’t have Craven, and tell me if it looks like I care. – Skulduggery to Craven- Page 186

Fragments of reality can be glimpsed through even the most fractured of window-Kenny – Page 200

The sparrow flies south for winter- Skulduggery – Page 269

The important thing is to remember the good times, but not dwell on them… Dwelling leads to miserable thoughts and the playing of bad music. It is to be avoided at all costs.- Gordon Edgly – Page 372

Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun times guaranteed.- Skulduggery – Page 393

Death Bringer is an epic continuation to the Skulduggery Pleasant series full of adventure and magic and with being so behind on my reread, I’m stressing that I won’t have my reread done in time for the 10th book, but there is nothing I can do but keep going strong and try my best to read nonstop until the release date!

Up next is Kingdom of the Wicked and as we draw closer to the end of this section of the series things are going to get dramatic, hectic and heart wrenching from here on in.

And I can’t wait for it!

Rating: 5/5 stars- Amazing! I loved it!

Happy reading everyone!


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