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A Court of Wings and Ruin Theories!

MAJOR WARNING! – This post will contain spoilers for ACOTAR & ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Wings and Ruin is only 4 Days away and I am SO excited!!!


In preparation for A Court of Wings and Ruin I decided to reread ACOTAR & ACOMAF, and boy am I glad I did!

It’s not that I forgot things, but going back and reading ACOTAR after reading ACOMAF just opened my eyes to so many things. Example how many references to the night sky or stars Feyre makes when explaining things or all the damn foreshadowing telling us what is going to happen. Either way rereading them just got me ready to dive back into this world and probably get me into a major reading slump because I won’t be ready to leave the world.

But you are looking at the title of this and wondering “umm theories? Come on!” so I will be talking about a few theories of what I would like to happen in ACOWAR.

Now these are just theories, so I know these will most likely not happen but allow me to word vomit all my thoughts and feelings at you all. Let’s begin.

Theory #1- Feyre will find Rhysand’s Mother and Sisters wings somewhere in the Spring Court.

I have seen this theory around the internet, but this could totally happen and I wouldn’t put it past the tool to have them somewhere. If this does happen I will cry because what an ass move!

Theory #2- Lucien will team up with Feyre.

I’m really hoping that Lucien will realise that Tamlin has crossed a line and ends up teaming up with Feyre and helping her bring down the spring court. The fact that the crew at the Night Court have his mate could move him to help Feyre but fingers crossed that my baby Lucien will realise his on the wrong side.

Theory #3- Amren

I had this revelation on my way to work one day. Does anyone in the spring court actually know what Amren looks like? When they were ambushed in Hybern, the King mentioned that Jurian wanted to know who Rhysands friends were, but Amren was still in Velaris looking after the city.

So if no one there saw her, the only people I am aware of who knows her and what she looks like is Tarquin, Varian, Cresseida and the rest of the summer court.

So my theory is Amren could totally infiltrate The Spring Court with another court and they would have no clue until she teams up with her High Lady and kicks major butt.

Now you’re probably thinking wont the Summer Court just tell Tamlin who she is because they are having a feud with The Night Court? Well that leads me to my next theory.

Theory #4- The Summer Court.

Hey, remember when the Night Court stole a part of The Book of Breathings and the Summer Court got majorly pissed and sent them the blood rubies to tell them that they are now really mad and are calling for a blood feud? Yeah that’s a thing that happened.

My theory is that Tarquin didn’t want to send the rubies but as he is a young High Lord with not much experience his council and advisers force him to, otherwise the court will be thought of as weak.

What adds to this is the fact that Varian sends Amren a necklace to soften the blow of the blood rubies. Like to say “please don’t take this personally it’s just something we have to do.”

So with all this in mind, going back to my previous theory you will see why I think the Summer Court would be on board to help the Night Court, because they still want that friendship.

All I want is for Tarquin and Rhysand to be friends! Please let it happen!

Theory #5- Nesta will be super powerful!

When Nesta was thrown into the Cauldron and turned into a Fae, Feyre says that she came out different then Elain, it was like the Cauldron was forced to give more power than it wanted. So I have no idea what happened but I’m so sure that Nesta will have amazing power and be a great fighter (once trained by Cassian).

I’m also really hoping she gets a killing blow on the king. That would just make my day!

Now these aren’t theories, but are random thoughts I had when thinking about ACOWAR and what might happen, I guess they could class as theories.

Random thought #1- The Suriel

If The Suriel doesn’t make an appearance in ACOWAR I am going to be seriously bummed! I mean it’s been in the others, so it needs to be there in ACOWAR.  We all will need our gossip from the queen itself.

Random thought #2- Cassian and his wings.

Let’s get one thing straight, If Cassian loses his wings I will be broken forever! I will lose it and have to take a long, long break from reading because I will be sobbing.

Random though #3- The book of Breathings

I would love to see what is brought to life by the joining of the two halves of The Book of Breathings. It was warned that it would awaken some ancient things that could destroy the world and all I can say is I am very, VERY interested in what they might be.

Random thought #4- What the heck is Amren!?

I’ve heard from many sources that Sarah has said we will find out what Amren really is, but damn I can’t wait. Is she going to be something we have seen in Sarah’s books before like a Witch? Or is she going to be something completely new?

To be honest if it came out that she was a Witch I would be fine with it but to have her be something brand new would just make it even more amazing! I seriously can’t wait to find out what it is!

Last thing I’m going to talk about today are the all mighty Ships! There are so many characters I want to get together and just be happy, so I’m going to just brush over a couple of them quickly now.

Cassian & Nesta– I just want them to take over worlds together and be a pain in each other’s ass while they are doing it, totally will be okay if they want to kiss thought.

Mor & Azriel– Guys come on! We all know it, you both know it! Just… Come on!

Elain & Lucien– These two would be ridiculously cute together, and the fact they are mates just makes my heart sing. Lucien deserves to be happy and I think Elain deserves someone who will love her. These two=YES!!

Feyre & Rhysand– there is nothing to say about these two but, I like what this is and Sarah please don’t do anything to take this happiness away from me… Please.

I know there are so many other characters that could be together, but when I think of ships these are the couples I think about a lot. So yes I want Amren to have someone as well, but I’m just not sure who I want that to be yet.

So those were my theories and random thoughts about A Court of Wings and Ruin. I would love to know what your thoughts are and have you heard any theories you are dying to see come true?

With only 4 days to go all I can say is we won’t have to wait much longer to find out what happens!

Happy reading everyone!


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