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Story Time: Embarrassing Things I’ve Done While Reading In Public

We all have our own stories of things we have done while reading in public, whether it’s laughing out loud on public transport or freaking out at a bookstore because they have a book you have been hunting for. Well today I’m doing something I thought I never would, I’m going to be sharing a few of my most embarrassing stories of public reading.

The first story I’m going to tell you took place on April 29th 2016.

It was a Friday night and I was travelling to Melbourne from my hometown by train. My Mum and Dad had drove down on Thursday but as I had to work on the Friday I couldn’t go with them, so I had to get on the train after work on Friday and make my own way down.

As when I’m travelling anywhere, I had a book and my Ipod on hand to keep me company for the 3+ hour train ride to Melbourne (thank you Vline for your slow service. Can I get a hell yeah from my fellow Vline travellers?).

At the time I was reading the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which is quite an enjoyable read, I would recommend having a read if you haven’t already.

It was about an hour into travelling when my phone started going crazy (luckily it was on vibrate otherwise everyone would of had to listen to Navi from Legend of Zelda say “Hey Listen!” a lot!) when I looked at it I noticed I had been tagged in posts by 3 of my friends and also had a few messages from the same friends. I had no idea what was happening so I checked the facebook post that I had been tagged in.

This is the point where I get embarrassed. I had been tagged in a post of Derek Landy announcing the release of a 10th Skulduggery Pleasant book. My reaction is best described in a series of GIF’s for example…


I was so excited I had to hold back squealing, so instead I was shaking my hand like in the Taylor Swift music video of Shake it Off (you know the move) and bouncing in my seat. It was only after reading and watching everything about the announcement did I fully remember that I was on a train and surrounded by people.

Well when I looked up I was greeted by a nice old woman looking at me like I was crazy and would snap at any moment. Lucky for me it was quiet that night so not many people were on the train to see, but I had endure another 2 hours with the lovely lady looking up from her own book every once and a while to check the crazy woman wouldn’t snap at any moment.

I was so embarrassed but the fact there was a 10th Skulduggery Pleasant book coming into the world made the whole incident better. Also all my friends love hearing about me being a total fangirl in public. I have such great friends!

The next story I want to tell you happened a few years ago.

I was again travelling to Melbourne on the train, because I dread driving in Melbourne and would rather use public transport any chance I can.

This time however I was not alone, I had a small group of friends with me. We had decided a week before that we were going to do a day trip down and do some shopping before getting back on the train that night and coming home. Being only 3 hours away from Melbourne I tend to do this a lot with my friends.

So we had gotten comfortable and after talking for most of the trip we all took out our own forms of entertainment to tie us over until we reached our destination. For a few it was their gaming consoles and for others, including me, it was a book.

So there I was reading away happy in my own little world, reading my book and for the life of me I cannot remember what I was reading, the only thing I remember was it having really funny moments, which leads to the embarrassment.

I was reading this really funny scene and all of a sudden I forgot where I was or lost control of my vocal cords because out of me burst this very loud and sudden “HA”. I looked up and all my friends were looking at me and smirking and when I looked around a few other people where looking at me and smiling.

I was so embarrassed, but I showed my friends the paragraph I was reading and they burst out laughing so it wasn’t that bad. Though I still got a few looks from people on the train, the fact I was with my friends made me less awkward about it all.

A few of my friends still bring up this incident every once and a while and they find my embarrassment highly amusing.

Those were just a few stories of embarrassing things I’ve done while reading. I still have a lot more stories I would love to share with you all, I’d also love to hear a few of your stories.

If you would like to hear more of me embarrassing myself in public then please let me know and I might do a sequel or make this a series.

Happy reading everyone!


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