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Skulduggery Pleasant 10th Anniversary Cover Reveals- Part 2

Welcome back my bookfam, if you have read the title then you know exactly what you’re here for, you are here to read my fangirl ramblings about how amazing the next 3 covers of the Skulduggery Pleasant 10th Anniversary editions are as well as watch me deconstruct them into little bits.

If you have not read my first part of the cover reveals which includes Skulduggery Pleasant, Playing with Fire and The Faceless ones you can read that here.

So like I said in the beginning we have been given the next three covers in the series, Dark Days, Mortal Coil & Death Bringer. All I can say is Tom Percival has continued to do an amazing job with these covers, making them just as memorable as the first editions covers he designed when the series first came out.

Like I did with my first reveal I will be showing you not only the new covers but the old ones as well, just so you can see the changed I may mention and touch on.

Without further ado let’s have a look (and a fangirl) at these new covers!

WARNING: this next part will contain spoilers for the Skulduggery Pleasant series, not super plot points but Characters and story lines.

Let’s begin with the fourth book in the series, Dark Days.

Just like all the new covers it is filled with all the characters you will encounter in the book which is one of my favourite things about these covers. For ages the fandom had to just use the description to visualise the character but actually having them on the cover just makes me so happy!

Starting from the top let’s do a role call and see who we have present on the cover.

As normal with the covers we have Skulduggery looking bad ass at the top, to the left is Springheeled Jack in his tattered suit and top hat. Next to him is China Sorrows again looking breathtaking with the symbols covering her arms showing, I will admit China has always been a favourite character of mine so I loved seeing her on the first books cover as well as this one.

Below China is Valkyrie looking older, dressed in her traditional black clothes with her arms folded. Below them in a haze of green is a hoard of what looks like Zomibes (I think they are zombies, otherwise I’m not 100% sure what they are if not Zombies.)

And last but defiantly not least we have my favourite Texan psychopath, Billy- Ray Sanguine, looking amazing in his suit and sunglasses, smirking and probably planning everyone’s deaths. I love him so much and if you say you don’t like him then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.

For Dark Days they haven’t gone with just one theme colour, for this cover they have a mix of yellow, red and green, which looks amazing and really makes the cover come to life.

This cover is completely different from the original as the colour of the original was purely purple with Valkyrie as the main image in the centre.


Let’s move on to the fifth book, Mortal Coil.

The first thing I said when seeing this cover was “Holy Moly they have put all the characters on this one!” and I am totally okay with it. I looked at this cover for a while and after that time I was so excited I didn’t know where to start, it looks so amazing!

But, like I have with the other covers, let’s start from the top.

Sitting at the top of the cover is Skulduggery with a handful of flames and looking (as always) amazing. To his left we have Valkyrie looking rather serious in her normal black clothing. Right below her is who I believe to be The Torment, a child of the spider and to me one of the creepiest people alive! I really don’t like spiders guys, and he just gives me the damn freak outs every time I read a scene with him fighting.

Below The Torment we have Doctor Nye, and just like in the book he is creepy as hell! Seriously if I saw him as a child I would have nightmares about him for weeks, if I saw him now I would probably die screaming. Even though he is creepy he looks amazing cover in blood sprayed scrubs.

Next to him taking up a lot of cover space is The Dullahan (headless horsemen) with 2 of his headless horses, and he looks amazing! I can’t get over just how great he looks, it is everything I imagined him being when I read the series.

Last but defiantly not least, we have Tessaract in the front centre of the cover. The Russian assassin looking deadly in his iron mask and coat, Derek has the ability to make me love his villains and with Tessaract it’s even worse. I love seeing him on the cover of Mortal Coil and think it pretty much makes the cover.

The main theme colour they have gone with for Mortal Coil is a mix of different greens, yellow and of course the addition of flame. Like all the covers it is completely different from the original cover whose main colours were yellow and orange.


And last but certainly not least let’s have a look at the sixth book in the series, Death Bringer.

I am currently reading this book while doing my Skulduggery Pleasant reread (using my old cover books of course) and the differences in the covers just like the others is so great.

The first death bringer cover is all red and black with the small details of the cemetery headstones as a background. The new cover however uses purple as the main colour, which I love. (Purple is my favourite colour so there is no wonder I love it.

Unlike the Mortal Coil cover, Death Bringer’s cover is far less busy. It’s simple but also very detailed, using fewer characters but giving them more detail.

At the top like normal is Skulduggery holding a handful of fire and with his hat sitting perfectly on his head. To the right of him is Lord Vile and OH. MY. GOODNESS! He looks amazing! He is everything I had pictured him to be and so much more.

In the centre we have the sassiest necromancer in the world, Solomon Wreath, dressed in his nice suit and holding his cane above his head, he looks ready to get into a fight.  I have always loved Wreath, he is just so sassy and quick witted that he is hard to not love.

Below Solomon we have Valkyrie, again looking older and in her classic black outfit.

To the right of her is Melancholia St Clair, with her necromancer hood up you can see all the scars and markings on her arms and hands, the details are amazing and I have found myself zooming in to get a proper look at all the markings and details.

Just like the first three I loved these new cover and am very excited to add them to my collection along with the others. The one thing that we haven’t been shown with the release of the covers is the spine art.

When I got the first three books with the 10th anniversary covers I was surprised to see the spines had pictures of Skulduggery and Valkyrie on them.  I’m really hoping that as the new covers come out we see Valkyrie growing up on the spines until we reach the last book and I hope they even continue on with the 10th book.

Like I said in my last cover reveal I am really excited to see the covers for the remaining books with a huge hope that we will get a full Dead men cover featuring the whole crew looking amazing! Tom again if you would like to do me a favour and make that happen I would be eternally grateful.

I hope you all loved the new covers as much as I did and I will be back when the next batch of covers are revealed to fangirl and gush with you all.

Which cover was your favourite? I would love to know your thoughts.

For me it would have to be Dark Days only because it has China and Billy-Ray on it!

Happy reading everyone!


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