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Road Brother by Mark Lawrence

“Darkness is patient, always waiting for its chance, and swift to take it.”

Have you ever experienced this? You are looking through the books you own (or in this case going through the books I had on my Kindle app) and are drawn to one in particular, you start reading it and no matter what you are currently reading this new book takes property and you can’t stop reading it.

Well that was me with Road Brothers.

Road Brothers is a collection of 10 short stories based around the world of The Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence.

These stories include…

A Rescue, Sleeping Beauty, Bad Seed, The Nature of the Beast, Select Mode, Mercy, A Good Name, Choices, The Secret and Know Thyself.

All these stories included a brief footnote by Mark, where he talks about the thoughts that went into the story and any other comments he wanted to add. I loved these footnotes. They gave another depth to the story and really gave you something to think about after, some even change my entire look on characters from the trilogy.

I have always loved Mark’s writing style and this stays true to these short stories. They were full of wit, action and sometimes made you think about your own stand on things. I mean if you’re rooting for a character to kill someone that actually seems nice, something isn’t normal there.

It was so great to be reunited with all these character and learning more about the back stories on a couple, the world, although rather deadly at times, is a place I will return to many times in my life.

Rating: 4 Stars- Really good, I would recommend reading it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read The Broken Empire Trilogy and wants more of the story from a few different angles.

I have been going back and reading a few of the quotes that I highlighted when I read it and I will leave you all with this.

“Dwell too long and we become prisoner of our dreams, or someone else’s. Move too fast, live without pause, and you’ll miss it all, your whole life a blur of doing. Good lives are built of moments –of times when we step back and truly see. The dream and the dreamer. There’s the rub. Does the dream ever let go? Aren’t we all only sleepwalking into old age, just waiting, waiting, waiting for that kiss?” – Sleeping Beauty by Mark Lawrence


Happy reading everyone!


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