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Who’s Afraid Too? by Maria Lewis

Warning!! – This review may contain spoilers for Who’s Afraid? & Who’s Afaid Too? by Maria Lewis. If you have not read them please do not read on, it will just spoil the awesomness that is the Tommi Grayson series.

You can read my review for Who’s Afraid here.

“Tommi Grayson:  all bark, all bite… and now she’s BACK!”

After reading Who’s Afraid? last year, I knew I needed more Tommi Grayson. So when I met Maria Lewis at Supanova and she informed me that it was going to be a series with at least 4 books, well I lost it!

Who’s Afraid Too? continues following the story of Tommi Grayson as she leaves her life in Dundee to go to Berlin to train with the Rouges, a group of lone werewolves, there she encounters a new evil and with the help of her new friends aims to take down this evil.

This book was everything I had hoped it would be, Maria’s writing is full on intense moments but always with a slither of humour wedged in there, the way she describes locations, weather, characters and even smells, is amazing and really draws you into the story making you feel like you’re there experiencing it.  Another thing I love about Maria’s writing is all the pop culture references weaved into the story, there was so many times I burst out laughing only to look up and be greeted by a family member looking at me like I was crazy, I usually got away with it by saying ‘sorry… the werewolf was being sassy’.  They don’t think I’m weird at all!

I had promised myself that I was going to take my time reading this books, but like always I went through it so fast that I am now sitting  here at my laptop sad over the fact I have to wait a full year for the next book, which it not fair, I’m so emotionally attached to so many character! I need all my babies back!

Tommi as always is an amazing protagonist. She is smart, strong and so sassy. While I was reading I was even more drawn to her and all I want is the best for my sassy werewolf baby. During this book she hones her skills and discovers some new skills she didn’t even know she had. She is just becoming more and more of an amazing, strong female protagonist that I am always craving to read about.

Lorcan… Mr. Lorcan MacCarthy, I have an issue! After the first book I loved him, I was ready for him and Tommi to get together, and even in the first half I was on Lorcan’s side, but after his actions I just don’t think his good enough for Tommi. I still love him and he will also be such an amazing bad ass but I’m keeping an eye on him throughout the series.

Tommi doesn’t need a man to be happy!

Like I mentioned before there was a lot of new characters we were introduced to, we had the Rouges with consisted of Clayton, Zillia, Dolly, Sanjay & Gus. The twins from the Praetoria Guard, Jaira & Jake and then  we have probably my favourite new character of all time, Heath Darkiro from the Praetoria Guard.

As much as I love all the Rouges, as soon as Heath came on the scene I was like ‘well looks like I have a new favourite character of all time!’ he was just so sarcastic. At first I was worried that he would do something and turn against the team, but no he just got better and better and by the end of the book I was sad that I had to wait until the next book to see Heath and Tommi hang out again and just become amazing Bros! Heath is now my new Lorcan… (Sorry Lorcan!! Love ya Bae!) How could you not love him when during a serious meeting he comes out with lines like this?

“It’s like the villains aren’t even trying to be creative anymore. Personally I was hoping for more of a castle we could storm or something with a moat.”

As much as I loved the first book, I enjoyed Who’s Afraid Too? a lot more, I’ m not even sure why. All I can say is I am so excited for the next book in the series and to see where this story is heading as well as see Tommi being a total bad ass.

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes Fantasy and a bit of the Paranormal with a splash of romance thrown in. This series will always been on my most Anticipated list each year and I will always be on the lookout for when Maria Lewis is on tour in my area.

Now if you will kindly excuse me I need to go find someone to draw me fan art of Heath… It’s not weird! You’re weird!

Rating-5 Stars- Amazing! I loved it!!

Happy reading everyone!


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