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Words in Deep Blue By Cath Crowley

Book Synopsis- Goodreads

This is a love story.
It’s the story of Howling Books, where readers write letters to strangers, to lovers, to poets.
It’s the story of Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie. They were best friends once, before Rachel moved to the sea.
Now, she’s back, working at the bookstore, grieving for her brother Cal and looking for the future in the books people love, and the words they leave behind.


I had seen a lot of people recommending this book and after a bit of a reading slump I needed a good contemporary to get me back on the reading road., so I picked up Words in Deep Blue and pretty much started reading it as soon as possible. I have always found contemporaries an easy read and it always helps me get out of a reading slump.

Being the first book by Cath Crowley I have read, I wasn’t sure what to expect or her style, but after finishing it I knew I really wanted to read more of her books, Cath’s writing style is descriptive and full of emotions which I loved.

The story is told from two different perspectives, one from Rachel and the other from Henry, their connection is they used to be best friends but after Rachel moved away they grew apart. When I read the book synopsis I was ready for a love story of two best friends falling in love, what I wasn’t ready for was Rachel’s personality.

I struggled with Rachel for the beginning of the story, I understood that she was still in mourning but she was so mean to Henry that I began to not like her very much, but after a while her character develops, she gets better which made it easier to like her and by the end of the book I really liked her character.

Henry was the same, at the begging of the book he was so obsessed with his ex girlfriend that it was frustrating, but I will be honest that I did find Henry more likeable quicker than Rachel. Still it took Henry long enough to realise what he was feeling and act on it, come on man!

All the characters fitted so well into the story and I was so attached to their personalities and so deep in the story that near the end of the book when Rachel was talking about her brother’s death I started crying.

I really enjoyed the pacing of the story, everything didn’t happen too fast and by the end everything fell into place, it was perfect.

I gave this book 4 stars- Really good, I would recommend it.

Like I said I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for an emotional, funny contemporary story, filled with interesting characters and a unique story.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Cath’s books as I enjoyed the style and as she is an Australian author it is my mission to read it, plus I have heard the raves about her other book Graffiti Moon and I would be crazy not to read it.

Happy reading everyone!


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