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Skulduggery Pleasant 10th Anniversary Cover Reveals

My fellow book lovers, we have been blessed! For Halloween Derek Landy has revealed three of the new 10th anniversary covers for the Skulduggery Pleasant series and they are beautiful!

Since this is the series that got me into reading and I’m such a Skulduggery Pleasant fangirI I needed to rant about how amazing these covers are, so let’s take a look at each one in detail!

Like I said in the beginning we have been given the covers for the first three books in the series, Skulduggery Pleasant (also known as The Sceptre of the Ancients), Playing with Fire & The Faceless Ones. As soon as I saw these I knew I wanted them all, Tom Percival has done such an amazing job with these covers and they are on par with the original cover he did when the series was first released, to show you the difference I will be showing not only the new covers but the old ones as well, because they are still amazing to me.

So let’s finally start talking about the covers!!

Like the originals each cover has a feature colour, it’s very common now days for series to do this to make it easier to tell them apart, and let’s be honest it makes them look super pretty when sitting on your bookshelf.

WARNING, this next part might contain spoilers for the Skulduggery Pleasant series, not super plot points but characters and story lines.

First off let’s look at Skulduggery Pleasant.

When I looked at this cover I started squealing because my babies are all over it!

Going in order from top to bottom we have Skulduggery pleasant himself, looking amazing in his suit, hat and holding up his hands full of fire, his so graceful! Just below skulduggery we have my baby Ghastly Bespoke followed by the ever graceful and kick ass China Sorrows. To the left of China we have Stephanie (our protagonist) wielding The Sceptre of the Ancients in front of her as it glows and all I said when I saw her was “oh my gosh she looks so young!” I sometimes forget that Stephanie was only 12 when the series started and she grew as the series progressed.

In front of them all centered with Skulduggery is (now please correct me if I’m wrong) Nefarian Serpine the main villain of the first book and I feel really bad for saying this but damn he looks attractive! I had imagined what Serpine looked like, but it was never that, I like it.

The feature colour they have gone with for the first book is a teal or aqua colour, this is very different from the original cover whose feature colour was a bright orange on a black and white background. On the original covers they would add the colour behind the title and have the background any way they wanted, but with the new covers they have added the colour to the middle of the cover, like a glow and kept the back of the text black.

Speaking of the text I love how they have changed the back decoration of the title from decorative swirls to a nice black shadow or smoke effect, it really suits the tone of the book.

Let’s move on to the second book in the series Playing with Fire.

Again going in order from back to front we have a more calm Skulduggery pleasant in the back, to the right we have Tanith Low holding her sword behind her head and ready to go, next to her is Baron Vengeous who is one of the main villains in this book, below the Baron is the Grotesquery and as you can see it looks both terrifying and awesome at the same time. On the right side just blending in a little and getting lost in the cover is Stephanie (or by this time Valkyrie) who has a handful of fire ready to go. Now again I have to ask to be corrected if I’m wrong but front and center on the cover is Mr. Bliss, who may I say is looking so amazingly awesome!

The feature colours for this cover is a mix of orange and yellow, making the whole thing look like fire, which matches the book title perfectly, this colour mix is very different from the original which was a lime green and yellow mix on a black and white background. Just like the first cover the Skulduggery Pleasant title has a black smoke backing that just looks amazing, with the Playing with Fire title in an orange & yellow gradient.

Comparing this cover with the original isn’t something you can really do, as they are both so different from each other, I love them both just the same.

The last cover we have today is the third book in the series The Faceless Ones.

I will be totally honest the first thing I did when I was looking at this cover is stare at Fletcher’s hair because oh my gosh Tom has worked magic and made it everything I thought it would be!  Okay I just had to say that before I started to dissect this cover, Fletcher is my babe and his hair is amazing!

So again going from the top down we have Skulduggery, in case you hadn’t realised by now is the skeleton, I don’t think I really need to point him out by this point. Below Skulduggery on the left is my main man Fletcher with his amazing hair getting ready to teleport his way straight into my heart, he is such a babe, below Fletcher is The Sea Hag who still looks the same way Tom drew her on the back cover of the original SP cover, on the right is the White Cleaver ( I think, it’s kind of hard to tell with the colour and shading), who is both deadly and a pain in the butt, and last but not least in the front we have Stephanie (by this point she is called Valkyrie) this is the first cover that she is the center of the picture which is very interesting as she is our protagonist.

The feature colour for this cover is a deep blue which is actually very similar to the original cover, but the original cover is a lighter shade of blue, again we have the smoke behind the SP title and the title ‘The Faceless Ones’ is done in the same blue.

So those were the first three covers for the skulduggery pleasant series, I can’t wait to see what Derek and Tom have in store for the rest of the covers if these are just to start with, If I could make a request and get a full dead men team cover I would greatly appreciate that Tom, thanks love. 😉

All in all I loved the new covers and I can’t wait to add them to my shelf alongside my older covers, because this is a celebration of a series we all love, there is no need to hide away the old covers, show them proud and say “hey look at what we used to have and what we have now, our fandom rocks!”  (Whoa easy Jess, you’re scaring them)

As if Derek hadn’t given us enough with the new covers but he also announced that the 10th Skulduggery Pleasant book would be released in June 2017… JUNE 2017!!!! This is not a drill people! We have only 8 months until a new skulduggery book!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to plan my re-read of the whole series before June!

What are your thoughts on the new covers? I would love to know your thoughts!

Happy reading everyone!


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