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How I Became A Reader

This is a question most readers get asked, have you always been a reader or did you become one recently?

For me it all happened back in 2007 with the Skulduggery Pleasant series, when I was younger I struggled with reading and writing, I used to be really embarrassed about it, so much so that I would avoid reading any chance I could.

If anything I used to read my older brothers Astrix comics, if you haven’t heard of Astrix it’s a series of comics created by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo , It’s a French comic and it’s amazing! (I have actually been thinking about re-reading some of them, my brother still has all his volumes from when we were kids.)

Apart from Astrix I would avoid reading like the plague, it would frustrate me and I remember actually getting upset because I was judged because I didn’t read (some people are mean).

But in 2007 everything changed, I was walking through a shopping complex with my family and I saw this stand through a window of a bookstore, the stand was a skeleton in a suit and I was really drawn to it. I had seen an ad for the book in a magazine a few months before but couldn’t remember its name, it was Skulduggery Pleasant. When I said to my Mum that I was interested in reading it she grabbed my hand, took me into the store and bought it for me. My mum was always trying to help me with my reading and was (and still is) always supporting me, so when I said I was interested in reading a book, she was on board!

It took me a few months (that’s right months!) to get through it and I spent most of it sitting at the kitchen bench always asking Mum what certain words were or had the internet open so I could look it up, but once I finished reading it I was hooked, Skulduggery pleasant was such a funny and interesting story that I really enjoyed reading.

It took me a while to improve my reading and writing but after a few years of practice and following Derek Landy’s work I was addicted to reading and would read any fantasy book I could get my hands on.

So to answer the question at the beginning, no I wasn’t always a reader, but once I really tried and practiced I became a hardcore reader and I will say that I have never looked back. I have made some awesome friends through reading and have fallen in love with so many fictional characters and stories, reading helped me become the person I am today and I have to thank Derek Landy for creating a series so amazing that it developed my love for reading.

What about you? I would love to know what book/ series got you into reading or even if you are up to it, I would love to hear how you became a reader.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day or night.

Happy reading!


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