September YA Chronicles Unboxing

I arrived home from a long day at work to find a box sitting on the kitchen table for me, I was so excited because I knew exactly what it was, My YA Chronicles box!

This is my first ever bookish box, I was so excited to rip it open and see what was inside, but I claimed myself and decided to document the unboxing to share with you all. As I was going through it I had my voice recorder on to capture all my happiness and to make sure I was sharing my true feelings of every product with you all. So without further ado let’s unbox this bad boy!

The theme for the September YA Chronicles box was You Win or You Die, not knowing what to expect I opened the box and was welcomed by all the items being wrapped in some nice black paper, Mum and myself have a small horde of paper supplies for packing gifts in so it was nice to have some more to add to the collection, It will not be wasted!

Once I opened the paper wrapping I was overcome by the nicest smell, my immediate reaction was “Oh my god what is that?!” sitting on top was a small bag with 4 scented tea lights from the Etsy store TheBookHangover, the reason I was smelling them was because there was a little hole in the plastic bag and the amazing smells had leaked out. These four tea lights are all based on female protagonists from popular books or the Queens of YA, we have Shazhad from The Wrath and the Dawn(Scent: Sandalwood, Lilac & Spices), Aelin from Throne of Glass (Scent: Lemon Verbena, Jasmine & Embers), Cinder from The Luna Chronicles (Scent: White Tea, Peony & Smoke) & Meira from Snow Like Ashes (Scent: Cold, Rain & Cherries). Each one of these candles smell amazing and I will defiantly be checking out Rebecca’s store once the grand opening on November 1st!


The next item was a cute Mini Funko Pop key chain of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, I love key chains and was very excited to get a Jon Snow to add to my keys!


Next we had a bookmark with both the volume and the theme of the box (You win or you die). I really love book marks so I was very happy with this, I had also purchased a YA Chronicles bookmark which came wrapped up and looking cute!


These next two items I’m in love with, I am a huge fan of prints and oh my gosh these prints are beautiful! These prints are created by ColourfulPrint & IdaShopBoutique. The first print by Colourful Print, Dementor and Stag is amazing. I found myself starting at it for ages. I love it so much!


The second print is by Ida Shop Boutique and is a classic Game of Thrones quote, the theme of this box and is also very beautiful, I love the water colour affect of the art work and I have already gone to her store and looked at more of her work.


Both of these amazing prints have been added to my collection of bookish prints and are hanging up proudly!

This next item had me squealing, I loved it so much, I love jewellery and to look into the box and see a small crown ring, well I was a very happy girl! I actually have a thing with crowns and already have a crown ring that I wear every day, this small ring has been added to my daily jewellery and I love what it adds to my look.


Last but defiantly not least is the book!

This month we were given the book Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, now I’m very excited that we received this book as I have wanted to get it and am looking forward to getting into the series.


So that is all the items I received in my September YA Chronicles Box and can I say I am very happy with my first ever bookish box, The YA Chronicles did and amazing job and I loved every item that was in the box. I loved it so much that I have gone ahead and ordered the next 3 of their boxes! So excited to get them!!

My favourite item I received in the box (apart from the book) was defiantly the candles, I have an addiction to candles and they all smell so amazing!

If you would like to check The YA Chronicles out for yourself, you can find their website here or to check out some of there amazing photos, as well as sneak peaks to there October box (Theme: “Against All Odds”) you can see that on there Instagram here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first unboxing and if you would like to read more let me know, I loved writing this up, it was like reliving the unboxing all over again!

Happy reading everyone!


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