Anticipated Releases

Anticipated Releases- Spring 2016

It’s officially Spring, well in Australia it is… YAY!

I love this season and there are a few books that I have been impatiently waiting on that I’m really excited to get my hands on this Spring!

There are 7 books on my Spring most anticipated list so let’s get started!!

The first book I am looking forward to is…

Empire of Storms By Sarah J. Maas! I have been counting down the months, days and even the minuets to until I get this book into my hands. If you have been reading this series then you will understand how excited I am to read about all the characters I love and see what happens (Aedion is my little puppy and Rowan is my Fae Bae!).

I am so excited that even though I have a hardback and paperback of the book pre-ordered, I will be getting the e-book at 12am on the 6th and reading it all night… I have no patience when it comes to Sarah’s books!

And speaking of Sarah J. Maas let’s get onto the second book I’m looking forward to, that’s right, it’s the Throne of Glass Colouring Book!

I am so ready to see how Sarah views her characters as well as how she pictures certain scenes in the TOG series, also Abraxos… I need all the pictures of Abraxos and Manon.

Also coming out of the same day is the next two books on my list, Mostly Void, Partially Stars: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes Vol. 1 & The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes Vol. 2  By Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. These two books are collations of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast scripts which includes notes from the Cecil Baldwin and art from Jessica Hayworth, who also designed the cover art.

I’m really looking forward to reading some of the notes and just taking my time reading thought the episodes from the beginning of the series, I think this will just make my love for the series grow, not that it needs much growing as I love already love it to death.

The next book on my list is Replica by Lauren Oliver.

Now I don’t know too much about this book but after reading the synopsis on Goodreads and listening to a few booktubers talking about it, it has really gotten my attention, I mean a book that you can read three different ways? Umm yes please! It’s an awesome idea and I’m excited to give it a try and see what the reading experience is like.

Also the cover is just beautiful!!

The next book on my list is Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, and after reading Illuminae I was demanding the next book in this trilogy. I loved the style of the book, the writing and I’m so excited to continue on with the story.

At the moment I’m at the stage of excitement where I don’t feel too excited but as the date draws closer I will be losing it and demanding it be in my hands.

And last but not least is Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys. Now again I don’t know too much about this book, as I’m someone who doesn’t like to read too much into books before reading them and that can sometimes be a bad thing. But from reading the Goodreads synopsis I felt like this book is going to be full of twists and excitement, so it gets a spot on my list and just like all the other books on here, I’m excited to read it this spring!

So those are my most anticipated book releases for Spring 2016, I’m just ready to sit outside in the sun and get some reading done before Summer starts and I hide away from the heat.

Are there any books on my list that you are looking forward to reading?

All books from my list including links and release date are located below.

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