Monthly Wrap Up

July Wrap Up!

July has been such a busy month for me, I have been working full time and every weekend I have been out being social (eww social life!),  but I am proud to say that I read 7 books this month! It was so easy to read this month and once I started getting into the flow of reading Deltora Quest it was so easy to finish off the series.

I also managed to reach my good reads goal of 25 books, but as it is only the middle of the year I decided to double it and change my challenge to reading 50 books! This will be a challenge for me but I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge!

The books I read this month were:

The Shifting Sands (Deltora  Quest #4) By Emily Rodda – 4/5 Stars

Dread Mountain (Deltora Quest #5) By Emily Rodda – 4/5 Stars

The Maze of the Beast (Deltora Quest #6) By Emily Rodda – 4/5 Stars

The Valley of the Lost (Deltora Quest #7) By Emily Rodda – 4/5 Stars

Return to Del (Deltora Quest #8) By Emily Rodda – 5/5 Stars

Rebel of the Sands By Alwyn Hamilton – 5/5 Stars

Kindred Spirits By Rainbow Rowell – 4/5 Stars


so that was my busy July in books, last month I said I wanted to read more book and  I think I achieved that with 7 books, I also avoided any kind of reading slumps!

August will be a very exciting month as Nevernight by Jay Kristoff comes out and I have been looking forward to this book for ages!! SO EXCITED!!!

I hope you had a productive month and good luck for August!

Happy reading everyone!


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