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The Inquisition By Taran Matharu

Warning!!- This review contains spoilers for The Novice & The Inquisition By Taran Matharu.

After being imprisoned for the alleged murder of Didric at the end of The Novice, Fletcher is put on trial, during said trail is it discovered about Fletcher’s real family and his origins. Soon after, a competitive challenge is given by the King and his council to the graduating students at Vocans, to go behind enemy lines and complete a dangerous mission, the reward?, An army of their own and peace between dwarves, elves and men.

This book was an amazing continuation to The Novice, with all of the characters we love and hate making an appearance and adding some new faces, which complimented the cast perfectly.  Some of these characters we have not heard from since the Prequel (Origins) when they were teenagers, such as Charles Faversham, who actually made me curse under my breath as I read his entrance.

The first part of the book is focused on the main two trials that take place, which I loved, not only did we get sassy lawyer Arcturus, but we got to learn who Fletcher is and who his family were, which I did not expect.

Throughout the trials I was on edge, I didn’t know what would happen or if something would happen to a character I loved, but I was very happy with how Taran used the trails to add back story and kept the story going, he didn’t make the trails run for too long and even if he did, the information he was giving us just kept me reading to the point where I didn’t care if the whole book was just the trail!

The second part of the book was focused on the mission over enemy lines, where Fletcher and all his friends, and enemies, have two main tasks. One is to destroy as many Goblin eggs as possible, weakening the Orc army, and two is to save the captive noble Lady Cavendish, who was feared to be dead after going down over enemy lines.

This part of the story was AMAZING!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and by the end of the book I had fallen off the edge and was on the floor sobbing!

The action, the suspense and the twists! Oh the twists! Taran is amazing at giving you subtle hints and then hitting you with twists that make you sit there in silence and stop reading because you can’t handle what just happened. I will admit there was a twist so bad that I called a friend (who has read the series) and began cry- yelling about it.

The ending of The Inquisition was the perfect cliff hanger and left everything open for the final book in the trilogy, which I can’t wait for, I actually cursed myself for reading all the books at once, meaning I  now have to wait until next year!

I gave this book 5 star- Amazing! I loved it!
As I said for my review on The Novice, I would recommend this book/ series to anyone who loved fantasy, sometimes second books in trilogies can be not as good as the first, but I will say that The Inquisition is on level with The Novice and in some ways even surpassing it.

Here is hoping that Taran will keeping going strong with his writing and also not kill any characters I love in the last book, like Arcturus….or Fletcher…. or Othello…or Lovett… or Slyva… Okay how about only bad people die? That would make everything a whole lot simpler.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go re-read the sections where Arcturus goes all Phoenix Wright on the Judges. 😉

Happy reading everyone!!


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