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Desolation By Derek Landy

Warning!! – This review may contain spoilers for Demon Road and Desolation By Derek Landy.

Desolation continues the story of protagonist amber on the run from the Shining Demon’s Hell hounds after cheating him out of a deal, not only is she running from the hounds but also her parents who are still trying to kill her, she is accompanied by Milo (*insert fangirl squeals here*) her bad ass, demon chauffeur as they race to get to the town of Desolation Hill, where they have been told they will be safe from the hounds, But once they arrive there they realise there is more to this town than it seems.

Once I finish a book I like to write down my raw feelings about it, this normally gets put on good reads (sorry to everyone who has to deal with me on good reads ;P) which I like to reference when I am writing my review. Now normally by the time I get to writing my review I have had time to think more about the book and my thoughts and emotions sometimes change, for Desolation this was not the case.

I did enjoy Desolation but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Demon Road, The characters were still sassy and full of one liners that are very common in Derek‘s books, which I loved, but there was all these twists and turns that just made me at points stop reading and yell “Oh Come on!”, these characters had the worst luck, as well as that I think the story kept trailing off into these side characters stories.  I will say that all stories did fit and all met in the end but it was the fact that we were taken from the main story constantly it just made it seem the book was dragging.

There was a point after finishing Desolation that I had an urge to know how the series will end, which means as much as I have ranted about this book  I will be reading the last book in the Trilogy ( American Monsters) which is being released August this year.  This is a very rare thing for an author to realise two books from the same series in the same year, so this could mean Derek is just ready to finish this series or it could mean he has something in the works he wants to come out next year and wants to focus on that, or I’m just thinking too much into this and Derek is doing whatever the heck he likes… and all I can say is You go Derek! Fight the power!

I will admit that I have and always will be a diehard Derek Landy fan even if the last book sucks (which it most likely won’t) I will read it and read everything that comes out after that, Derek is the reason I got into reading and his books will always have a special place in my heart.

I gave this book 4 Stars- Really good, I would recommend reading it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes supernatural themes, humor, action and a bit of violence, all the things that make Derek Landy’s books his.

Happy reading everyone!


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