Monthly Wrap Up

April Wrap Up!

After starting strong this month with reading I ended up getting into a little bit of a reading slump closer to the end, so because I made a promise to myself that this year I will always be in the middle of reading something I kept myself going by reading some comics and graphic novels.

So without further ado let’s go through my reading wrap up for April!

I started off this month by reading The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle -4 Stars

This was a beautiful written story and along with the pacing of the chapters it was the perfect length.
I would have given it a  5 star but I had trouble connecting with the characters and it was only at the end that I really cared for them, but  even then it was only for a few of the characters, this might have just been though.
I would definitely recommend this book, as I think it is one of those books everyone should read especially if they are a lover of fantasy and Unicorns.

Next I decided to read I Was Here by Gayle Forman – 4 Stars

This was a great read, the writing style just flowed and it kept prompting me to continue reading, which meant I would get through chapters quickly, which I loved. Even though it was a great reading experience I did find it hard to keep reading sometime just because I’m a bit of a sook and got too emotional, but it was worth the few tears I cried when reading.

There were a few characters that I loved and then there were a few that really annoyed me at times. But that is something that you get with all books, you can’t like everyone.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to people, although I would have to warn them of some unsettling content.

Right after finishing I Was Here is when my reading slump hit me hard, so the next few books are actually comics or graphic novels, so if you are just interested in books that is my small read of the month but if you’re interested in comics and such lets continue.

The first comic I read was Red Hood/ Arsenal Vol 1: Open for Business- 4 Stars

This is the first comic in a new series by DC including characters Jason Todd (Red Hood) from Batman and Roy Harper (Arsenal) from Green Arrow this issue was released in the beginning of April 2016.

I really enjoyed this comic, as the first of a series (which I will definitely be continuing to read) it gave you as much information as you need to get to know some back story to the characters. As a lover of both Arsenal & Red Hood I know there back stories but as someone new coming in I think it would give the right details at the right time.

The story itself is very catching and full of sass, fighting and bro moments, and the bro moments were my favorite! I love how Jason and Roy are together, they are sassy and yet they care.

I would definitely recommend this comic and am really excited to continue on in this series!

The last book I read this month was The Walking Dead Book 1- 4 Stars

Originally this is a comic series but the edition I have is a hard cover copy of issues 1-12, so because it is so large I’m considering it as a graphic novel.

As a fan of the TV series I really wanted to read the comics to see the differences, as I had heard the comics are completely different to the show, and that is very true. The comics are completely different from characters to story line progression it is amazing to see the difference.

I’m someone who likes to say that a movie or TV show that was originally a book was inspired by the book, this is so I can enjoy both for their differences and for what they are, and I can say that about The Walking Dead, I enjoy the show and I enjoy the comics.

I think everyone who likes the show should at least read a few issues of the comic just to see the differences and the fact that the illustrations are amazing is just an extra win!

So that was my April in books, I hope everyone had a productive April and I can’t wait to get my reading groove back in May!

Happy reading everyone!


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