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Who’s Afraid By Maria Lewis

I found this book as I was wandering through my local Big W, the cover was so eye catching

and once I read the blurb I knew this was a book I needed to read.  Werewolves, a sassy lead, adventure and awesomely brutal fight senses? YES PLEASE!!

I could not put this book down once I started; I kept reading until I was done. Mind you reading this book took me 4 days, and that was when I was pacing myself… I swear I was taking my time reading this book.

Who’s Afraid follows the story of 20-something Tommi Grayson an art curator from Dundee, Scotland, who after the death of her mother goes to New Zealand to find her estranged father. Once there she learns not only that her father is dead but the truth about her family and herself, she is a werewolf…

After a horrifying two nights almost leading to her death, Tommi returns to Scotland having to pretend everything is normal and lie to her closest friends. What’s even worse, something has followed her home…

First of all I would like to welcome Maria Lewis into my small group of all time favorite authors! Who’s Afraid is (at the moment) one of my favorite reads of the year, although it is still early in the year, I’m still sure this book will be one of my top books for 2016.

The way this story is written just keeps you reading chapter, after chapter, after chapter nonstop until you realize it’s 4am and you have work the next day (let’s be honest we have all done this once or twice). The characters, the action or even just the basic information kept me reading, Maria has found a way to make a simple thing, like a conversation between two people seem like the best thing in the whole book, until you turn the page and find another conversation that is even better.

I gave this book 4 stars- Really Good, I would recommend reading it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes modern fantasy, a good laugh and a lot of action, and after hearing that Maria will be writing a sequel to this book, I am having trouble containing my excitement for this talented Australian author.

Happy reading everyone!


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